Vim tips & tricks

Vim is awesome and can speed up your productivity, however it is hard to learn. I will write here things it is worth to remember.


Save and exit

Just hit ZZ.

Moving faster

Move to start of previous paragraph or code block: {.

Move to end of next paragraph or code block: }.

Move forward one screenful: CTRL F.

Move backward one screenful: CTRL B.

Jump back to the previous (older) location: CTRL O

Jump forward to the next (newer) location: CTRL I</kbd> or also TAB.


Create a mark labeled as a: ma.

Go to mark a: 'a.

Split window

Split window and open another file: :split path/to/file.

Split window and open current directory: :split .

Split window to a file relative to current open file. This will expand to current file: :split % TAB.


To open a new tab you can do :tabnew but it is more common to open a new tab moving the cursor on a file name and pressing t (for example with NERDTree or Ack).

Go to next tab: gt.