Resultset count

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In a report webapp you have calendar filters and drills to configure your data exploration which will be transalted into an SQL query.

Suppose you want to feedback user with the resultset cardinality, it will be easy to transform the JSON representing the query to extract data into a JSON that represents a query that counts how many rows would be returned.

function countRows (query) {
  return {
    SELECT: [{ COUNT: '*', AS: 'num_rows' }],
    FROM: [query]

For instance, consider the following query

FROM cities
WHERE population > 10000

Parse it to JSON format, then add COUNT statement and stringify it back to SQL.

var sql2json = require('sql92-json').parse
var json2sql = require('sql92-json').stringify

var query = sql2json('SELECT name FROM cities WHERE population > 10000')

  SELECT: [{ COUNT: '*', AS: 'num_rows' }],
  FROM: [query]
// SELECT COUNT(*) AS num_rows FROM (
//   SELECT name FROM cities WHERE population > 10000
// )