I was graduated in Mathematics at Università degli Studi di Genova in 2005. I have a deep passion for math, in particular for algebra and geometry, and I feel really lucky about the teachers I found during my studies.

I wrote my thesis, titled The Problem of Apollonius, in Madrid at the Universidad Complutense. I found there an extensive library and a great teacher, el profesor Montesinos, who gave me a life lesson I will never forget.

In those days I was in love with my thesis subject, drawing circles all the day, thinking all the time about the problem of Apollonius and its iteration: the Apollonian gasket. Montesinos’ subject was really innovative and interesting, and many students idolezed him for his results in Knot theory. When I gave him a paper I wrote about the Apollonian gasket he said to me

If you want to pass my exam, do not study my subject but write more about the problem of Apollonius and bring it to me. Your mind is thinking about it! Your exam note will be evaluated on this topic.

What a lesson he gave me! When I brought him a first version he also said that he really liked how I wrote about math, discursively like Luigi Bianchi. He urged me to start writing one day and to read Bianchi’s work which indeed wrote some articles connected with my Apollonius thesis. So I got my mark and went back to Italy where I rewrote my thesis in Italian and then I graduated in 2005.

Then I was hired in Milan, working in IT, so I learned a lot of new things, also about programming.

In 2013 I started programming with Node.js and I wanted to learn how to write a library. I was also curious about the comparison of an implementation of a group or a field, for instance in JavaScript, with the learning process of the human brain about these algebra topics. So, because of this I decided to start my first npm package. as npm had just started I was lucky and could register it just as algebra.

Last release was published 4 months ago and reached more than 1000 downloads per month. I’d like to start this math blog saying

Gracias profesor Montesinos!

Last but not least, I’ve been thinking about how to display math in browsers for a long time. Few years ago it was not so easy to find a proper solution but now I think I am going for KaTeX server side rendering feature. Check out the TeX snippets index for details.