is a helper to bind a list of methods to an object reference

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npm install bindme


This interesting article published today explains a React perfomance tip: React Performance Anti-Pattern: Creating Functions in render().

I was looking for a way to autobind methods but none is too convincingly in my opinion so I created this minimal package that is implemented in 6 lines of good old and battle tested ES5 code and requires really few lines of code on the user side to be imported and invoked.

Consider also that, at the time of this writing, decorator syntax is not final yet. Furthermore, this bindme helper has no dependency at all and prolly will not require any version upgrade.


API is bindme(this, 'method1', 'method2', ..., 'methodN'). For example

import bindme from 'bindme'

class MyButton extends Component {
  constructor(props) {

    this.state = { clicked: false }

    bindme(this, 'handleClick')

  handleClick() {
    this.setState({ clicked: true })

If you have no state and need only bindings in your constructor, since super returns an instance to the object, the following snippet works too

  constructor() {


Code is written in ES5 for compatibility, it is equivalent to the following ES6 code

const bindme = (self, ...funcs) => {
  funcs.forEach(func => {
    if (self[func]) self[func] = self[func].bind(self)
    else console.error(`Method ${func} is not defined`)