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Play T-Rex Chrome game online

If you also like Chrome, you probably also like to play with the T-Rex game but then suddenly the network arrives and the game is over...

React Semantic-UI customized

React and Semantic-UI are awesome! This article describes step by sted how to use them together and create a custom build.

Compute ISP with Maxmind

This is a quick and dirty Perl script to compute the ISP of a given IP, using a Maxmind CSV file

Crontab best practices

How to edit a crontab in a mantainable way, and other tips to use it the right way. I found a lot of messy crontabs around, it would be better to mantain order.

AWS Redshift compatible PostgreSQL client

How to install a PostgreSQL client (psql) that is compatible with AWS Redshift

S3 bucket public by default

How to make an Amazon S3 bucket public by default.

S3 to RedShift loader

Load data from S3 to RedShift using Lambda, powered by apex. Our goal is: every time the AWS Elastic load balancer writes a log file, load it into RedShift.

How to add a package to bower registry

Details about how to fill a bower.json, and how to add a package to bower registry.

Emoji everywhere

60 seconds tutorial about how to use Emoji in your web site.

Welcome to fish-shell

When I started using the fish-shell and entered in a nice community

Tiny npm package

Guidelines to create a Node.js module following the small package philosophy.

Perl xor JavaScript

JavaScript and Perl are really similar

Windows CMD alternative

Tyred of MS/DOS prompt limitations? Try ConEmu.

GNU Screen

Be a cowboy console, use GNU Screen!

Early Perl6

Try first Perl6 stable release.

Server hardening tips

You got a Linux server and you want to prevent security issues: follow these instructions.

The camel replicates!

Install and use CPAN packages on an host without Internet access. On conquering hosts with a camel.

Bare git server

How to setup a git server, structured like GitHub. No web interface.

Install WebLogic 12c

How to install WebLogic 12c development version on Linux RedHat.

Math on GitHub Pages

Display math formulas on GitHub Pages using LaTeX. Two methods are described, one using MathJax to render formulas client side, and other using KaTeX to render formulas server side.

Moving from Blogger to GitHub Pages

Migrate your blog from Blogger to GitHub Pages to gain full control on your content.

My Keybase experience

About my experience as a Keybase user.

Vim resources

Collection of links and resources about Vim.

The camel survives!

About installing Perl in hostile environments.

My Putty settings

Putty configuration tips.

VirtualBox tutorial

Setup an Ubuntu Server virtual machine on Windows using VirtualBox.

CSS resources

Collection of links about CSS.

Learning Golang

I want to play with the Go Programming Language! This is my learning path.

Golang resources

Collection of links and resources about Golang.

Against domain parking

Trying to get a domain name can be difficult.

A CPAN client that works like a charm

How to use and configure properly a CPAN client.

NFS mount how to

Steps required to do an NFS mount.


Discover humans.txt and add it to your site.

Git resources

Collection of links about Git.

HTML5 resources

Collection of links related to HTML5.

Git shell Windows tips

There are a lot of goodies and tips it is worth to know when you install Git shell on Windows.

Git extras on Windows

I tryed on Windows Git shell the git-extras set of utilities from the prolific visionmedia (a.k.a. TJ Holowaychuk).

Web development resources

Collection of links I find on my way about Web development.

VVVV is the coolest programming environment on planet Earth

About the VVVV ecosystem.

Git for dummies

Learn Git, reading this collection of pragmatic articles.

Unicode symbols collection

Collection of cool unicode symbols, ready for copy and paste!

JavaScript resources

Collection of links and resources about JavaScript.

Node ecosystem

I annotate here links, resources and people about Node world.

Node class template

Waiting for ES6 class implementation, this article shows how I create an ES5 class with Node. Yes, you can transpile but I really don't like how babel do it.

R resources

Collection of resources about R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Create an npm package

Ok, you ❤ Node! but, how to create an npm package?

Free books online

My list of eBooks and eLibraries: everytime I find a good book online I add it to the list.

How to drop a user on Netezza

You are trying to drop a user but Netezza complains cause it "owns objects"? This article shows how to solve this problem.

Livereload with grunt

Instructions to configure Grunt to interact with a Livereload server.

How to collect Netezza history

Collecting your Netezza query history is a mandatory step before optimization. Read this article to know how to collect Netezza history easily.

Working with git branches

Learn how to perform basic tasks with git local and remote branches.

Using git and svn together

This is a quick and dirty way to version a folder using svn and git at the same time.

Use nzpassword!

How to authenticate securely on Netezza.

sqlplus tips

Tricks and tips about your everyday Oracle sqlplus usage.

prove imProveD

Instructions to get a Perl test suite that checks everything is ok in your home dir.

Creative people using GitHub

This is a step by step set of instructions on how to use github to contribute to your favourite creative coding project (that is vvvv of course) so you can help, improve it, and maybe add features you need for your own projects.

My Vim configuration

This is a collection of vim configuration directives.

How to install DBD::Oracle

I am going to put here all the steps required to install DBD::Oracle CPAN module, which is not a straightforward installation. The purpose is to reduce headache and turn it into a repeatable process.

Getting started with Git shell on Windows

This is a step by step guide to help you getting started with git on Windows.

Roll your Windows

WinRoll is a fancy software.

My favourite Firefox addons

Firefox addons that simplify my life.

Install Node.js without sudo

This is a straightforward Node.js installation, just copy and paste the commands in your shell prompt. Root permissions are not required!

How to use Devel::Cover

Quick introduction and usage of Devel::Cover to get code coverage metrics for Perl