cause I can play games

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Why not reCAPTCHA? Cause then you should deal with its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: this is the main feature.

I would like to achieve the following features:


With npm do

npm install i-am-not-a-robot

or use a CDN

<script src="https://unpkg.com/i-am-not-a-robot/dist/i-am-not-a-robot.min.js"></script>

In case you use the dist build, you will find a global variable available: Iamnotarobot.


Suppose you have a div like this

<div id="antispam"></div>

Then you can mount ticTacToe game with the following code. The callback will be triggered when on game end, regardeless of whether or not user win or loses.

const game = require('i-am-not-a-robot').ticTacToe

const callback = () => {
  // Usually you may want to enable a submit button here.
  alert('You are not a robot')

game(document.getElementById('antispam'), callback)


See online demo or launch demo locally

npm install
npm run start