VVVV is the coolest programming environment on planet Earth

About the VVVV ecosystem, that is a really cool community of visual artists


VVVV is …


VVVV is addictiveware

you’ve been warned!

VVVV is a hybrid graphical/textual programming environment for easy prototyping and development.

There are other interaction design softwares, but that is the point! VVVV is not only a software, it is a programming language so you can write your own modules, shaders, plugins, and even more.

There is a awesome community using VVVV. I knew devvvvs and visited Meso, as well as many VVVV users: everyone is really kind.

Using VVVV you can interface with devices, like

Using VVVV you can interoparate with other software like

VVVV for math

I think that for a mathematician VVVV is the greatest software to use, cause an everything ready software like Wolfram Mathematica is not a research tool. A real mathematician likes to experiment and to understand deepily what he is studying.


Check out v4tutorial channel on youtube

If you are in trouble with VVVV gui, don’t panic - the noobs guide to vvvv comes to the rescue.

VVVV shoutbox on Twitter


node13 workshop material


VVVV.js Lab