Against domain parking

Trying to get a domain name can be difficult.


I hate domain parking with monetization purpouse!

I wanted to register domain to use it as a website for a lab of design: it is a dream I have.

As you can see, points to an empty page, with some ads: nobody is using it.

I discovered it is owned by a company named Sedo.

I registered on Sedo and make my offer. Despite is not used I cannot buy it, cause it is … mmh parked.

So, I made my offer, starting from the lower price allowed by Sedo, that is 60€.

This was their answer:

The other party has made the following comment with this offer: i think you must search for another domain in another tld, because i won´t sell this domain for less than 10000€.

What an evil behaviour!

I think it is not ethic to park domains. I ask to the reader, if you can do something to prevent or avoid this practice, or you know something I could do, some petition or whatever, please let me know.

I know that in the real world there are so many bad things happening, but please, at least on Internet, do not do that!