Moving from Blogger to GitHub Pages

Migrate your blog from Blogger to GitHub Pages to gain full control on your content.


This is a meta post. Yes, this post traits about its own creation, infact I am moving from Blogger to Github Pages.

I started looking these examples:

See here more sites using Jekyll.




Basic structure

├── _config.yml
├── index.html
├── _includes/
|   ├── _includes/footer.html
|   └── _includes/header.html
├── _layouts/
|   ├── _layouts/default.html
|   └── _layouts/post.html
└── _posts/
    └── _posts/

Porting a post

I will focus on post How to install DBD::Oracle, that is the most visited of my blog.

See Jekyll docs about how to write a post.

To preserve blogger urls, edit _config.yml and add

permalink: ./:year/:month/:title.html

Note that filename should start with yyyy-mm-dd and post title should be lowercase and separated by dashes, file extension is .md, for instance, I will create a file


Don’t forget to insert a YAML frontmatter

layout: post
title: Moving from Blogger to GitHub Pages
  - Blog


Naked domain and SSL

I used Cloudfare to get a naked domain and SSL: it was really easy and took no more than 30 minutes. Now my homepage is


On blogger you have comments and moderation out of the box. To achieve the same feature in a modular way, I chose Disqus.

Basically I added an {% include disqus.html %} to my _layouts/posts.html and created an _include/disqus.html with all the code required.

Read how to embed Disqus code as a reference.

A good tip is to add the disqus_shortname variable into the _config.yml

  shortname: g14n

and to use the following Jekyll variables

var disqus_shortname  = '{{ site.disqus.shortname }}';
var disqus_identifier = '{{ }}';
var disqus_title      = '{{ page.title }}';
var disqus_url        = '{{ site.url }}/{{ page.url }}';

to obtain Disqus Javascript configuration variables like this

var disqus_shortname  = 'g14n';
var disqus_identifier = '/2014/08/moving-from-blogger-to-github-pages';
var disqus_title      = 'Moving from Blogger to GitHub Pages';
var disqus_url        = '';

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