Perl xor JavaScript

JavaScript and Perl are really similar


Hey, you can edit this post here, I am sure many other analogies between Perl and JavaScript can be added to this list.

use strict

Both are mot strict by default, by the way the syntax to turn on strict mode is exactly the same.

Perl JavaScript
use strict; "use strict;"


Perl is everywhere server side, JavaScript is everywhere client side.

Version 6

Both had their popular version 5 with an amazing version 6.

Data structures

Syntax for arrays and objects is the same.

[] {}

and now with ES6 also JavaScript has trailing commas, I mean

  foo: 1,
  bar: 2,  // <-- comma allowed here, finally I can use ddkp vim command to swap lines (:


Perl vs JavaScript both misunderstood or underestimated by masses.

Perl has a symbol table, now with ES6 also JavaScript has Symbol (this is just coincidence).

Handcrafted Object oriented system.

… more stuff will be added.