How to setup Google Workspace group to send and recieve email

Follow these complete instructions to create a group Google Workspace to send and recieve email.



I have two user emails created on my Google Workspace, for example and Both are in the group. We are going to achieve that they can recieve and reply to emails as


Login to Admin console. Go to Groups and create a group email, for example, Administration with email, then add the users.

In order to be able to recieve emails from outside, for example when you register on a website, make sure to check the External flag in the Publish posts row.

Extenal can publish posts

Then every member need to configure his/her settings to enable send mail as feature.

Add another email

In the confirmation box (the yellow one) make sure that Treat as an alias is NOT checked.

Go ahead and complete with email confirmation code as required.

Once completed you will be able with your user email not only to recieve emails sent to the group email but also to reply them. During email composition, just click on the dropdown icon to choose a group email address.

Bonus tip

This is hot! You can add a domain alias and manage multiple projects with different domains on a single Google Workspace account. Enter the admin console, go to the Domains section and add an alias domain.

Following the instructions, I added a TXT record on my Route 53 panel at the AWS account that manages my alias domain.

Then configured the MX records, this is what Google provided me

MX records on Google

and this is how I translated the priorities into AWS console

MX records on AWS

When DNS propagated I was able to recieve an email to on my Google Workspace gmail.


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