is an example React/Redux app


Go into this folder, then launch once npm install to install dependencies.

To start the app do

  1. npm run api: run backend API server, see json-server.
  2. npm start: launch development server, then connect to http://localhost:8080/.

You can also launch:


Let’s learn React and Redux with a classic ToDo app.

I started from React TodoMVC example and added:

Lesson learned

About state

Start learning React first! Every component has its own internal state. Your state can live at three main levels:

  1. Your React component: start from here, then move up as long as your app grows in complexity. Even when your app evolves, it is worth to handle at this level everything that you don’t need to persist.
  2. Your app, hence it is located in your client device. Here you can use Redux to manage it, but there can be some variations: part of your state can live in the URL, hence could be managed by React-Router; you can use localStorage to persist part of your state. However rememeber that it is a good idea to have an (almost :) single source of truth that is your Redux state.
  3. You API, that is an higher level. Yes, if you want to save your current app state, if you want to interact with other devices, you will end up to a global state, managed by your architecture APIs.