Super Saiyan components, son of awesome Bulma



With npm do

npm install trunx

Of course you also need Bulma (v1) but it is up to you if you want to install it via bulma npm package. See how to install Bulma.

You may also have React installed, minimum version supported is 17 (the Trunx transpiled code uses react/jsx-runtime). However it is not listed as a peer dependency, you may also use Trunx without React.

Finally I recommend using TypeScript to get the best developer experience with Trunx.


React components

Almost all Trunx components have a bulma prop that accepts:

You know, Trunx is a Super Sayan because it is written in TypeScript. The bulma prop can be autocompleted and typos can be avoided thanks to type checking.

HTML tag components

Some Trunx components render their homomnym HTML tag.

import { Div, Span } from "trunx"
import { FC } from "react"

export const MyComponent: FC<{ isSuccess: boolean }> = ({ isSuccess }) => (
  <Div bulma="box">
      bulma={["has-text-weight-semibold", { "has-text-primary": isSuccess }]}
      Lorem ipsum...

Trunx provides other React components that implement a Bulma element or a Bulma Component. This means that they usually add a related Bulma class. For example Button components renders a button tag with the Bulma button class. They may have props related to some Bulma class (.e.g. color, size). Most of the Bulma related props start with is, has and the prop name is just the camel-case version of its related Bulma class. For example isRounded prop corresponds to is-rounded Bulma class.

<Button color="primary" size="large" isRounded>

You can use the bulma prop in case you need to add more Bulma classes that has not a related prop.

<Columns isGapless>
  <Column bulma="is-half"></Column>

Inline documentation

Components are documented inline with TSDocs. You can configure your editor to display documentation and examples.

Some code snippets use a FontAwesome class, for example <i className="fas fa-home"></i>. The icon set is up to you, Trunx do not provide icons.

className prop

Almost all trunx components support a className prop, in case you need to append you custom CSS classes.

Components list

HTML tags: A, Div, P, Span.

Bulma related:


Trunx package provides a utility for conditionally joining CSS classes together.

import { classnames } from "trunx"

classnames("foo", "bar") // 'foo bar'
classnames("foo", ["bar"]) // 'foo bar'
classnames({ foo: true }, { bar: false }) // 'foo'

It accepts a generic “class names” type.

type T = "foo" | "bar" // my CSS classes
classnames<T>("foo", "quz") // ERROR: not assignable to type ClassnamesArg<T>[]

For example you can use it to compose Bulma classes.

import { FC, PropsWithChildren, ButtonHTMLAttributes } from "react"
import { Bulma, classnames } from "trunx"

type MyButtonProps = ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement> &
  Partial<{ isLoading: boolean }>

export const MyButton: FC<PropsWithChildren<MyButtonProps>> = ({
}) => (
    className={classnames<Bulma>("button", { "is-loading": isLoading })}

How to

Use Trunx with Vite

Assuming you have a Vite project with React and TypeScript, of course first of all install trunx and bulma.

Then create a src/main.scss, you can import all Bulma to get started.

@use "bulma/sass";

Import it in your entry file, e.g. src/main.tsx, with something like import "./main.scss" and you are done.

Try it out! Import trunx in your src/App.tsx:

import { Message } from "trunx"

Add a Message like this in your JSX:

<Message color="primary">Hello Trunx</Message>

Create a custom component

Suppose you want to create your custom button that is always rounded and has only warning and danger colors. You may also want to set your custom colors. To do so, your src/main.scss could be something like this:

@use "bulma/sass" with (
  $success: #28a03c,
  $warning: #f45a50

Then your button component can import the ButtonProps from trunx and customize them, something like the following.

import {
  Button as _Button,
  ButtonProps as _ButtonProps,
} from "trunx"
import { FC, PropsWithChildren } from "react"

type ButtonProps = Omit<_ButtonProps, "color" | "isRounded"> &
  ColorProp<Extract<MainColor, "warning" | "success">>

export const Button: FC<PropsWithChildren<ButtonProps>> = ({
}) => (
  <_Button isRounded {...props}>


I really like Bulma CSS framework and I am also a Dragon Ball fan. That is why I am creating this component library. I hope you enjoy it!

Trunks (Japanese: トランクス Hepburn: Torankusu) is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball manga series created by Akira Toriyama.

I remember when I was reading the comics and Trunks arrived from the future. He was really powerful and could defeat Frieza in few seconds. One of the best twists of the entire series, in my opinion.