Brand your app version with Create React App

Write your app version into the HTML. Quick and simple implementation.


When a Create React App is deployed, it is useful to write the app version somewhere in the HTML.


Write the following line in your env file, for instance in the .env.


Then add the following line to the public/index.html file

<meta name="version" content="%REACT_APP_VERSION%" />

And that’s it, now your build will generate an index.html that contains the app version, as reported in your package.json file.

TypeScript declaration

If you are using TypeScript, edit your src/react-app-env.d.ts and add something like the following snippet

/// <reference types="react-scripts" />
declare namespace NodeJS {
  interface ProcessEnv {
    NODE_ENV: 'development' | 'production' | 'test'
    PUBLIC_URL: string