Compute ISP with Maxmind

This is a quick and dirty Perl script to compute the ISP of a given IP, using a Maxmind CSV file

Perl xor JavaScript

JavaScript and Perl are really similar


Early Perl6

Try first Perl6 stable release.

The camel replicates!

Install and use CPAN packages on an host without Internet access. On conquering hosts with a camel.

The camel survives!

About installing Perl in hostile environments.

A CPAN client that works like a charm

How to use and configure properly a CPAN client.

prove imProveD

Instructions to get a Perl test suite that checks everything is ok in your home dir.


How to install DBD::Oracle

I am going to put here all the steps required to install DBD::Oracle CPAN module, which is not a straightforward installation. The purpose is to reduce headache and turn it into a repeatable process.


How to use Devel::Cover

Quick introduction and usage of Devel::Cover to get code coverage metrics for Perl