Compute ISP with Maxmind

This is a quick and dirty Perl script to compute the ISP of a given IP, using a Maxmind CSV file

Early Perl6

Try first Perl6 stable release.

The camel replicates!

Install and use CPAN packages on an host without Internet access. On conquering hosts with a camel.

The camel survives!

About installing Perl in hostile environments.

A CPAN client that works like a charm

How to use and configure properly a CPAN client.

prove imProveD

Instructions to get a Perl test suite that checks everything is ok in your home dir.


How to install DBD::Oracle

I am going to put here all the steps required to install DBD::Oracle CPAN module, which is not a straightforward installation. The purpose is to reduce headache and turn it into a repeatable process.


How to use Devel::Cover

Quick introduction and usage of Devel::Cover to get code coverage metrics for Perl