Run a Bitcoin node on AWS EC2

Is it worth to run a Bitcoin node? Is it better to use a local Raspberry Pi or a cloud EC2 instance?


My goal is to learn how to use Bitcoin Core.

I have evaluated running it on a Raspberry Pi but then I decided to go for a cloud EC2 instance. I have just ordered a Raspberry, it will arrive next Monday and the total order amount for the Raspberry 5, an original charger and an original case is around 129€. I will probably enjoy playing with the Raspberry but for now it looks a smarter option to me to learn running Bitcoin Core on a Linux server in the cloud. According to the minimum requirements (in particular, 1GB of RAM) taking advantage of the AWS Saving Plan I could run the node for almost 3 years for the same price I spent for the Raspberry.

Anyway… my goal is to learn, will write here my progress, tips and I hope it helps others.