React list with Array.from()

How to use Array.from() to render a list of React components, makes me think about how good is React software design.

Rethink React with Deno

How to setup a Deno server to perform ServerSideRendering with React. The Web is evolving in the right direction.

My Neovim setup

Neovim is my favourite editor for modern web development with React, TypeScript, etc. Here it is my setup.


Brand your app version with Create React App

Write your app version into the HTML. Quick and simple implementation.

A Simple React/Redux structure

Let me show you I use Redux with React, a set of snippets that I have polished during the last few years to achieve a simplified and flexible structure that is easy to understand also for beginners.


Framer X and internationalization

How to setup Framer X to use a i18n React tool and design with translations integrated


Using Framer X with custom Sass build

Framer X is a slick tool, you can express your creativity creating not only design mockups but also React components from real code. Is it possible to use your own Sass build?


Create a Material React app

How to use create-react-app with Material web components.


React input number done right

Having an input number working correctly is not that easy, let me share my implementation.

Always use TypeScript

If you are writing a JavaScript code base you should use TypeScript, even if you are not writing TypeScript code.

React Semantic-UI customized

React and Semantic-UI are awesome! This article describes step by sted how to use them together and create a custom build.